One Thing is Clear stands for Cooperative for Local Environmental Awareness and Responsibility.  We are local neighbors, in and around Douglas County Colorado, creating a CLEAR message for stormwater quality.  

Our message is simple and clear, providing you with practical ways to protect stormwater quality.  If our waterways are going to stay clean, they depend on all of us to do our part in protecting them.  

Awareness is one of our key goals in sending you this message.  Throughout this website you have the resources you need to report spills, find volunteer opportunities in your local community and most of all tips on how to protect stormwater at your home or business.  

Responsibility is in your hands.  We can provide you with the information and resources to protect our waterways, but only you can choose to make the right choice.  Please report accidental and illegal dumping to your local agency.


Together with your help we can make a difference in keeping our waterways clean.  Remember, One Thing is Clear, our creeks, rivers and lakes depend on you.


Thank you Community Media of Colorado for your continued support.

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