It is CLEAR that education is crucial to the success of our storm water management program.  The more you learn…the more you know.    


H2O Jo

Click on the link below to see H2O Jo take a trip down the storm drain.

H2O Jo 


What Else Can You Do?

The Clean Water Act provides the framework for water quality regulation in the United States.  In Colorado, the Water Quality Control Commission is the agency which has the authority to establish water quality standards consistent with the federal Clean Water Act.


Local permit holders, like the members of CLEAR, must comply with regulations, in the form of Stormwater Permits.  There are two sewer systems in your community.  The sanitary sewer system is for waste water from homes, schools, churches and businesses that is piped to a treatment facility, where harmful elements are removed before the water is discharged.  The storm sewers that carries runoff away from roads, parking lots, and buildings through a series of pipes and detention basins before discharging it into creeks is the system that is regulated through the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Permit process.


We take education so seriously that we support a wide variety of efforts with the message:

One this is CLEAR, Our creeks, rivers & lakes depend on you.


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